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Thursday, 13 December 2012

What is your password ? how the Password should be ?

Password means a secret word that ensures admission or acceptance by providing identity, membership, etc….
As hacker and crackers may break into our computer system and make changes in our data, we as computer users should apply strong password for our system.

Is your password like 123456, 987654, Your car brand name , Lover's name , Your pat name ??? 
Then you will definitely lose your account soon. The hackers can easily hack your account.

What is Your Password ? How the Password should be?

Your Password should be:

Password should not contain user’s account name or part of the user’s full name.

Password should consist at least eight characters (minimum password length).

Prohibit words found in a dictionary.

Prohibit password that match the format of calendar date, license plate number, telephone number, NIC number, or any other common numbers

Password must contain characters from at least three of the following

1. English uppercase alphabets characters (ABC)
2. English lowercase alphabets characters (abc)
3. One or more numeric digits (123)
4. Non alphabetic characters (for example $%^&*()#@\ )
5. Punctuation (“!,.?)

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