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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

what is PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and complete detailed of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT at my extent

That is the error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, what is the cause and how to solve

How to know which causes the blue screen error code or STOP 0x4E in Windows. When and why it occurs, as detecting the culprit, do and measures taken to make the equipment work properly.

One of the most frequent Windows blue screen, BSOD or screen of death error codes is PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.
This error is often caused by a driver or driver that has damaged entries in list NFP, which Windows uses to control the relationship between the physical (RAM) memory and memory paged (to disk).
If this error recurs, it is necessary to identify the cause and take necessary measures.
This article tries to explain in a simple way the non-specialists, you do one of these annoying bugs and how to solve them. 

What indicates the error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT?

The code error or Bug check code PFN_LIST_CORRUPT has a value of 0x0000004E. It can also be represented as 0x4E.
Indicates that the database of paged memory of Windows (Page frame number list or PFN) is damaged or corrupted.
Each error code has four parameters, the most important of them is the first that indicates the type of violation.
The classic error screen that is displayed in Windows XP, Vista and 7 indicates the error code and the four parameters.

Windows 8 only indicates the name of the error code.

It is necessary to use a helper application such as Windbg, the tool provided by Microsoft or BlueScreenView for more information.

What it indicates the first parameter of the error code?

The first parameter in this error can be any of the following:
0x01 header of the list is corrupt.
0x02 a list entry is corrupt.
0x07 a driver has released a page without having it blocked previously.
0x8D free zone is corrupt (indicates a hardware conflict: RAM or hard disk).
0x8F header or list-free zone is corrupt.
0x99 an entry or NFP is corrupt.
0x9A a driver attempted to release a page that is already locked by the system for writing or reading (I/o)

What is the NFP list?

Windows controls the use of the physical memory of the computer using a table called "Page Frame Database".
This database is indexed using numbers by which referred to it as the Page Frame Number list or PFN.
Each sector memory has an entry in the NFP that contains information about when is in use, which is the use, operations pending linelevel (writing or reading), etc.
Some of these entries may be damaged by incorrect drivers or other modules.
If Windows detects that any input is invalid, it immediately releases a code of error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.
The most common cause of this error code is caused by a driver writing where no memory corruption should, although it may also due to errors "MDL handling". 

What to do before a code of error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT

To ensure that a driver is to blame, we can use "Drivers Checker" Windows and enable it for the specific driver.
We can also check the status of the physical memory, using Memtest or the Windows memory diagnostic tool.

What to do if the cause is a driver?

The only option in this case is to disable the driver that causes, until it is not compatible with the system version. 


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