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Friday, 16 August 2013

Haptix the death of the mouse'and a new mouse sensing Technology

Haptix: the death of the 'mouse'? 

In order to evolve as a Kickstarter project known mouse computer, the Ractiv company has launched a new input device that turns any surface into a multi-touch interface called Haptix 3D.

Haptix seeks to achieve a balance between the touch screen and the traditional keyboard/mouse combination to make it comfortable and intuitive. It is compatible with devices such as laptops and televisions screens and can be used to create a virtual touchpad or keyboard, even to read the movement of activities such as painting, using a real pencil.

The device works by using two CMOS image sensors that capture the position of the hands in a resolution of 640 × 360, attached to a microcontroller by connecting via a USB cable.

Haptix is not the first system to introduce control gestures. For example, Leap Motion which is a controller that allows users to execute commands on the computer screen through hand gestures. But Darren Lim, one of the creators of Haptix, said: "Unlike Leap Motion, Haptix doesn't depend on IR, which means that it can be used in all lighting and reflective surfaces conditions."

Lim also called his creation a "killer of mice", since he explained that its technology allows that users can scroll, move finger for Zoom, and select items by clicking on any converted surface, in addition to providing a tactile feedback, allowing users to see your fingers on the screen until they touch the surface, among other features.

Currently, supports the operating systems of Windows XP onwards and Ubuntu. The team also plans to incorporate a developer API, as well as the support of Android and Apple in the near future.

For now the intention is to raise $ 100,000 on Kickstarter, a web site of funding mass for creative projects. The sale price will be $ $70, but for that support to the cause will be available starting from $59, with sent from February next year. 


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