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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How To Connect Your PS3 Controller To Your iPad or iPhone | Cydia

If you’ve ever wanted to connect your PS3 controller to your iPad or iPhone, you’d know that it wasn’t possible. However now after a new update to a common Cydia tweak, you can connect your PS3 controller and use it to play games.
I was able to play some awesome games such as Street Fighter and some emulators with the controller, it’s literally like having a portable gaming system. You can even extend this system to your TV if you have an Apple TV to stream the content to.
This tutorial is pretty easy but it can be a long process so just be patient, follow all the steps and you should be good to go.
Note: This tutorial is done with a Mac. The Windows version is very similar, the only difference is when it comes to the SixPair tool, so please follow closely.
How To Connect PS3 DualShock 3 Controller to iPad or iPhone for Gaming
1. Download a tweak called “Blutrol” from Cydia to your iPhone or iPad. It costs $6.99.
2. Connect both your controller and iPhone/iPad to your computer via USB.
3. Download the SixPair tool for Mac or Windows - for the Windows version pairing up will be a little different, so please follow that page.
4. Launch “Blutrol” on your iDevice. Hit the “controller” tab, then tap on PS3 controller and hit connect.
5. Launch the SixPair tool on your Mac. You should then be shown what you see below. Simply hit the “Pair Controller to iPad”
dualshock 1 How To Connect Your PS3 Controller To Your iPad or iPhone | Cydia
6. Your controller and iDevice should now be all paired up.
7. Now you’ll need to add games to work with the controller. Go to any game which has virtual touchscreen buttons and take a screenshot.
8. Head back to Blutrol and go to the “Games” tab. Hit the plus button on the top right. Choose your game, then choose the format of the screenshot you took, whether it be portrait or landscape.
9. Under controller configuration you should see “PS3 Controller”, choose whichever screenshot you used, then simply drag and drop the controls.
Now you should be ready to go to play games with your PS3 controller. It’s a long process but it’s well worth it with some games such as Street Fighter and other games which have virtual onscreen buttons.
iDownloadblog also have a video on how to get set up if that’s the way you would prefer to learn how it works.


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