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Saturday, 11 May 2013

New I phone's next Motherboard leaked with some pictures update

An image of what is claimed to be a small component of the next generation iPhone's motherboard has leaked online, giving rise to a new set of rumours surrounding Apple's flagship smartphone.

The image was originally leaked by Japanese retailer Moumantai and published by French website NoWhereelse.fr, which said that the component is related to the iPhone's camera as it was close to the front and rear camera, and that it looks different from how the same component looks in the iPhone 5. The website suggested Apple might be updating the camera in the next iPhone version, the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, or might be just using a different camera in case the component is part of the motherboard of a low priced version of the iPhone.

It's worth pointing out that a previous report had suggested that the next generation iPhone could feature a 13-megapixel camera module and an improved flash module.

However, MacRumors got in touch with iFixit's Miro Djuric who informed that the said component is related to the iPhone's wireless antenna function but couldn't confirm its specific role. iFixit tears down phones and reveals their hidden hardware.

The site mentions that the part shown in the picture also features an antenna connector, just like the part found in the iPhone 5. It adds that Apple has made a few changes to the layout of this part, but it's still very similar to the component found in iPhone 5 and doesn't suggest any major changes in the device where it will be used.

Previously, there have been a number of leaks related to new components, including that of a flex cable for the next iPhone's home button and a second flex cable featuring the vibrator and volume/ mute controls.

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