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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Change DNS settings using DNS Jumper on fly of tested and latest update

Recently I was  blogged about “DNS Jumper” which is a small and portable utility which helps you in easily switch to Google Public DNS, Open DNS or other similar DNS services.

What is DNS Server

Domain Name System is known as DNS or DNS server. The main function of the DNS is the translation of the human readable Domain Names to corresponding Internet protocol (IP) address.

Key Feature of DNS Jumper:

  • You can access the websites, that has been blocked for your country or Blocked only for you by Network Administrator
  • You can increase the security of your Internet connection by changing your DNS servers
  • Changing DNS servers to like Open DNS allows you to block Porn sites and gives much needed parental control features
  • Changing your DNS server address  like Google Public DNS to Reliable and stable DNS server will give you the bit faster and much better connection to stay online all time with out timeout and any other errors.

Now a new version of this small tool has been released which comes with following new features:

  • You can choose your network card
  • Very customizable, You can add or delete a DNS
  • You can change the language by editing DnsJumper.ini file
  • You can customize DNS manually
  • Program tests DNS IP and measures its reaction time
  • Flush DNS button added
  • Fastest DNS test added (It tests DNS reaction times and writes best one)


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