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Monday, 27 May 2013

G Data 2014 generation Security solution of high level

G Data presents its 2014 generation security solutions to end user:

The family of security solutions for the individual user, the so-called generation 2014 which is composed of G Data AntiVirus 2014, G Data InternetSecurity 2014 and G Data TotalProtection 2014, products has been presented in Spain with new technology G Data CloseGap, which fuses protection based on firms with a series of proactive technologies as analysis in the cloudthe online reputation and the analysis services Geolocated, for example.

Eddy Willens, an expert on security, took advantage of the launch of the new end user of G Data solutions to "draw" the current landscape of security. The reality is that every day 150,000 new threats, almost all of which confirm as guided by the economic benefit.

Major security issues facing users include Botnets, with more than 36 million malicious URLs that can infect our computers. These Botnets are used primarily to carry out spam, phishing, theft of data and DDoS attacks for the sake of achieving fame and prestige.

Another big threat for users can be found in banking online. Except that a phishing attack will suffer and the deluded user enters a web that is not the real, the truth is that the banking safety online is guaranteed throughout the process, except in the user's browser. A Trojan perfectly can be done with keys that the user types in your browser and then impersonate your identity.

The main problem is that against this current scene full of threats, the future also "look" very clear. In particular, Eddy Willens speaks of more attacks on apps for mobile devices (Android is the second operating systems more infected in the world, behind only Windows), attacks to get encoded data in the cloud, more use of social engineering, Botnets that infect internal networks of enterprises, targeted attacks of pilferage and cibersabotaje, and more security threats for SMEs.

To combat this, G Data has renewed its AntiVirus InternetSecurity and TotalProtection products. G Data CloseGap technology (which will come to solutions of corporate security from G Data around the month of October), the fight against malware combines a wide range of proactive technologies with signature-based protection.

One of these proactive technologies is, for example, the module called BankGuard, which protects in real time of banking Trojans without resorting to firms antivirus in a case where, because these threats have very short life cycles, listed firms do not offer sufficient guarantees.

G Data CloseGap receives upgrades additional on each update, so that its functionality is easily adaptable to new threats and changing scenarios typical of the evolution of malware. This means that users and their information are permanently protected, even against unknown attacks.

Briefly, the main novelties of the generation 2014 are:

G Data CloseGap, which improves the global anti-malware protection and reduces the consumption of resources.
New Autostart Manager feature to improve the teams start and start the PC as "the first day".
Improved BankGuard module to ensure the safety of banking online.
New simpler and more intuitive user interface.
Improved system of analysis of suspicious behaviour to optimize detection of unknown threats.
G Data TotalProtection 2014, new device for protection from external devices such as USB, hard disk drives, DVDs, etc. readers
Versions for three PCs include 6 months for free.
Active licensed customers may upgrade to the new generation 2014 completely free and automatically.

The prices of these solutions are (annual license):

G Data AntiVirus 2014: 24.95 euro for 1 PC and 39.95 euros for 3 PCs (six months of more free).
G Data InternetSecurity 2014: 34,95 euro for 1 PC and 49.95 euro for 3 PCs (six months of more free).
G Data TotalProtection 2014: 44,95 EUR 59.95 euros to 1 PC to 3 PCS (six months of more free).


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