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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New Apple iOS 7 Features Concept on Enhanced Lock Screen Designed for iPhone, iPad Devices Integration and widgets with Video

While Apple may be working on their next mobile operating system, tech designers elsewhere are being creative and developing their own concepts.

With iOS 7 likely to be out with the next Apple smartphone, designer F. Bianco provided several concept images of what the next mobile platform could look like if Apple experimented with some features. The concept features unique usage of widgets, app switching, iTunes control, and more.

A video was provided to the song "Seven Nation Army" by the band The White Stripes. The video features how the concepts would work on both iPhone and iPad devices.
Bianco's concept follows another by Australian web and software designer Jesse Head.
"Why'd I make it? Well one: because they're fun to do; and two: because every second day you'll hear someone whine about the lack of 'actual multitasking' in iOS, yet most app switching concepts don't actually attempt to address this complaint," wrote Head in his blog.

The concepts flow in as John Gruber, credited to be well connected with Apple's ongoings and runs the blog "Daring Fireball," said the Cupertino company's Senior Vice President of Industrial Design and new head of Human Interface Jonathon Ive made significant visual changes for iOS 7.
The blogger noted iOS 7 is "running behind" in schedule. In fact, engineers assigned to Mac OS X 10.9 have been pulled into working on the mobile platform instead.

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