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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

BlackBerry 10.1 changes in OS from 10.0 version as per Leaked news

With the release earlier of the leaked BlackBerry 10.1 full OS, we are a little bit more at liberty to discuss impending changes when OS 10.1 is released.
The following list is by no means comprehensive and is not a confirmed change in the final release of BlackBerry 10.1.
However, it is changes that we have noticed between the current stable releases and the full 10.1 leaked os.
We will update this thread as and when we notice anything new and if you spot anything yourself, let us know and we will add it.


  • Set a static ip address to device on initial setup
  • New help demos and walkthroughs
  • New image when preparing Hub for first time usage
  • Sharing menu is now black
  • Allow the power button to unlock the device
  • Parental controls now supports a password recovery question.
  • New Voice Dictation option
  • BlackBerry World
    • Now has options for coupon redemption
    • More carriers with carrier billing options
    • Installed apps no longer show “installed” but has been replaced by an “open” button which allows you to open them directly from BlackBerry World.
    • Redeemable promotions codes
    • New loading animation for app screenshots
    • Easier to check for updates
  • PIN to PIN messaging now available in the BlackBerry Hub
  • In BBM, Select All for broadcast messages is now back
  • Text Picker’ improved for moving between letters
  • ‘Highlights” for text such as word correction on the keyboard are now green
  • Camera
    • HDR camera option for taking photographs
    • Picture editor within the camera
  • You can paste phone numbers directly into the dialpad
  • You can paste passwords into password fields
  • Settings
    • Keyboard Prediction and Correction Options changed
    • Ability to turn off all alerts for each section
    • System Volume renamed to Main Volume with the new Option to Always Adjust Notifications Volume when media isn’t playing.
    • Notifications per email account
    • Custom notification profiles
    • Language and Input Settings consolidated
    • New BlackBerry Link settings
  • Choose where to save when downloading from Internet
  • File Manager can browse Network Drives
  • Accounts:  Options to Clear and Local and Contacts and Clear Local Calendars
  • Updated Apps/Programs
    • Android runtime
    • BlackBerry Maps
    • BlackBerry Remember
    • Calculator

source by (rapidberry.net)

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