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Saturday, 19 October 2013

The 520 Lumia is still ravaging WP 8 between terminals

The firm AdDuplex has published a comprehensive study of the State at a general level of the mobile operating system from Microsoft, and the truth is that thanks to it we can see that indeed things you are increasingly better the "offspring" of the Redmond.

A few years ago nobody would have bet on so risky project, but today we can say that its success is something real and growing month after month Windows Phone.

We cannot deny that successive improvements have been receiving had "part of guilt" in the significant growth experienced by Windows Phone, but the real "RAM" which has opened the way has been the 520 Lumia.

Yes, we can not doubt it or discuss it. As they highlight the two charts that accompany the news the "little one" of the Finns has swept in the market of terminals based on Windows Phone 8, to such an extent that it holds 32.8% market share worldwide.

We can also see that the modest 620 Lumia has achieved good results, while at the high end we can see that Lumia 920 is the best selling terminal.

It is clear that Windows Phone live one of their finest moments since it arrived on the market and that it continues to maintain the interest of the manufacturers. As well, and by way of example, we can mention to Huawei and Oppo, firms that have already expressed the possibility of launching a terminal based on Windows Phone 8.

Yes I said add innovations that will bring updates GDR3 and Windows Phone 8.1 we will realize that the mobile operating system of Microsoft has still "great war" to.


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