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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Grand Theft Auto (series) + GTA-V

                           This Grand Theft Auto (series)   is one of the best  games in the  History. And I do be a Big Fan of this GTA Series  and now I am showing the revolution of this GTA source in the Gaming Field since their started step of 2D game. by the help of Wikipedia .  
                            And   The name of the series is derived from grand theft auto, a term referring to motor vehicle theft. The series has won multiple awards.
                             Now with this article I am introducing GTA  = Grand Theft Auto (series) + GTA-V in 2013 to Rock you gamer's .And with below Images you can understand the Greatness of this GTA-V Graphic's with almost of realistic . 

1997Grand Theft AutoDMA Design, Tarantula StudiosPS1Windows, MS-DOSGame Boy Color2D
1999London, 1969DMA Design, Tarantula Studios,
Rockstar Canada, Runecraft
PS1Windows, MS-DOS
London, 1961Windows
Grand Theft Auto 2DMA Design, Tarantula StudiosPS1, DreamcastWindowsGame Boy Color
2001Grand Theft Auto IIIDMA Design, Rockstar ViennaPS2, XboxWindows, Mac OS XiOS, Android3D
2002Vice CityRockstar North, Rockstar ViennaPS2, XboxWindows, Mac OS XiOS, Android
2004AdvanceDigital EclipseGame Boy Advance
San AndreasRockstar NorthPS2, XboxWindows, Mac OS X
2005Liberty City StoriesRockstar Leeds, Rockstar NorthPS2PSP
2006Vice City StoriesPS2PSP
2008Grand Theft Auto IVRockstar North, Rockstar TorontoPS3, Xbox 360WindowsHD
2009The Lost and DamnedRockstar NorthPS3, Xbox 360Windows
Chinatown WarsRockstar Leeds, Rockstar NorthPSP, DSiOS
The Ballad of Gay TonyRockstar NorthPS3, Xbox 360Windows
2013Grand Theft Auto VPS3, Xbox 360

    GTA V :  [ http://www.gta-v.com/ ]

                  Not any more words about this just look below the  3rd  video of " Grand Theft Auto V | Official Trailer  All Details...".
                    And this Game is really ready to rock the world. And it contains the high level realistic Graphic work make this more reality. So this present scenario is also waiting for this type of reality Games.

Release Date of  GTA-V :

  leaked = emailed its customers that their pre-orders would arrive on March 27.    
  officiallyRockstar Games has released some brand new screenshots of the most awaited game of 2013, "Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)". The game is schedule to arrive in Spring 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360, PC port of the game is not yet officially announced.                      

Main Character in GTA V 
1. Michael
2. Trevor
3. Franklin

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Grand Theft Auto V | Gameplay Trailer #1

Grand Theft Auto V | Official Trailer #2

Grand Theft Auto V | Official Trailer  All Details....>

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