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Friday, 17 January 2014

Intel prepares Haswell renewal and Refresh processors for 2Q14 with 20 new processors

Intel prepares the renewal of Haswell with 20 new processors for desktop computers, including models Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, i5, and new top of range of series: Core i7-4790.

Which Intel marketed this spring (shipments in April 2014) are at least 20 different SKUs. No improvements in the overall architecture of the originals presented at Computex last in sight.

They will use the current socket LGA 1150 and although the launch of new chipsets Z97 and H97 is planned, will be compatible with motherboards today, surely with a simple BIOS update.

Listed models include :-  
  •  Core i7-4790 
  •  Core i5-4690 
  •  Core i5-4590 
  • Core i3-4360 
  •  G3450 Pentium Celeron G1840,  and

 versions of low-power :- 
  •  Core i7-4790S 
  •  Core i5-4590S 
  •  Core i3-4150T.

To highlight the new top of range of Haswell platform, Core i7-4790. A micro-processor with four cores and eight threads of native processing, frequencies of 3.6 to 4 GHz, 8 MByte of third level cache, graphics integrated Intel HD 4600 frequently maximum core-to 1200 MHz and a controller for DDR3 memory up to 1600 MHz.

Remember that since the launch of the Haswell last summer, Intel has updated the series with models such as the Celeron G1820, G1820T and G1830, the cheapest you'll find with the most advanced Intel architecture and between 48 and 56 dollars selling prices which focuses them to basic desktop PCs, mini-PCs or computers for home theater.

Already in the third quarter, we will have the renewal of the ' k ' of the Haswell versions with unlocked multiplier. On another level, also the Haswell-E, the first processors of the firm for the consumer sector with 8 physical cores and 16 threads of native  Processors 

And also 

Intel's next-generation Haswell Refresh processors are expected to become available in the retail channel in May, and the CPU giant will also start shipping its Z97 and H97 chipsets in April in order to enable motherboard players such as Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology to start selling related products at the end of the month.

Intel will then release its Haswell Refresh K series and Haswell-E in the third quarter and phase out its 

•  Core i5-3350P 

•  Core i3-3225  and

•  Core i3-3210 processors in the first quarter.


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