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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Enter and modify the SETUP or BIOS of the PC or Laptop

Change the values of the configuration tool of the motherboard of the computer to boot from a disk or USB, set a password and know if you have a device conflict and solve problems of the operation of the equipment.

On many occasions it is necessary to change the parameters in the SETUP of the team, which is the configuration of the settings of the motherboard or plate tool main base.
It doesn't matter if it's a desktop PC, a Laptop, or a small Notebook, all of them allow access to SETUP for any necessary make adjustments manually.
It is necessary to enter and modify some of the settings in any of the following cases:

• Restoring the default settings.
• Change the boot device (CD, USB, hard disk or network drive)
• Establish the use of password for the boot.
• Configure advanced device settings.
• Configure the Chipset to install RAM memories of more speed, on boards that support it.

It is also necessary to enter the SETUP when you need information, for example the amount of RAM that is recognized, the accurate microprocessor version, the version of the BIOS, etc.
Finally, it is the only solution to some conflicts in the team caused by errors of the BIOS.

What is the SETUP and the BIOS of the computer?

The SETUP is an interface to manually adjust various parameters of the BIOS.
It consists of several tabs that we can move using the keyboard (not the mouse).
Each tab displays information or parameters that can be adjusted.
The BIOS (abbreviation for Basic Input/Output System, basic input / output system) is a program that resides on an integrated circuit on the motherboard.
To turn on the computer he is loaded in RAM and then detects and check all connected devices, there is no any error gives orders to the CPU to start the computer and load the operating system.
There is an interval of time in which you can access the SETUP using a key, there is no action by the continuous boot process user.

What keys can I use to access the SETUP?

The key required to access the SETUP varies according to the manufacturer.
The most used is the (deletion) and F10 or F2 on small computers.
Always the first prior to the POST screen, the information shows what the required key.

Change the values in the SETUP, practical examples

The SETUP on computers of a few years ago was much more complicated that that now include modern equipment, due to the sophisticated of the Chipset or processors that include plates bases, which many now advanced settings are made automatically.
Below you can see some screenshots that show how to configure some of the most necessary parameters.
Configure the SETUP to boot from the disk drive or USB

One of the values needed to adjust when you are installing or reinstalling the operating system is to enable booting from the disk or DVD drive, when the installation files are on a disk.
It is also possible to do the installation from a USB device.
In both cases it is necessary to enter the SETUP and the "boot options" (Boot settings)
Her in: "Boot order" select disk drive or USB as the first device.

Assign a password using the SETUP

In very small equipment such as the 10-inch Notebooks, it is convenient to assign a password so that in the event of loss anyone can use them.

Save the changes made to the SETUP

After making any change in the SETUP, it is necessary to save the changes.

Rinse or wipe the BIOS

After doing the SETUP changes that bring about unexpected or unwanted effects on the operation of the computer, the BIOS default settings should be restored.
The required option is commonly indicated as default values or DEFAULT and is on exit EXIT or file tab.
Another very effective way to do so is manually bridged a pin or jumper on the motherboard for that purpose or easier still, remove the battery plate base seconds and reinsert it.

It is of course only possible on a desktop PC, a Laptop must be set to the option in the SETUP.
The battery power, is used to save settings in the BIOS after that it shuts down the computer, so to remove it are deleted, including the time and date.
Power supply equipment must be completely disconnected before removing the battery.
It is also necessary to restore the default configuration, when even without having made changes to the SETUP conflicts occur on the computer without apparent reason.
The BIOS is very sensitive, and sometimes power outages can alter your configuration.

Do I need update the BIOS?

Base plates manufacturers regularly provide updates to the original BIOS.
It is necessary to update the version of the BIOS when you need to install hardware or more modern devices that the motherboard does not recognize.
In practice this option is much used to replace the microprocessor or CPU with one more sophisticated.
Also to solve incompatibility problems detected by the manufacturer.
Update the BIOS is always a risky process because a flaw in the procedure can bring as consequence that the team do not start.
To search for a newer BIOS version, only needs access to the web site of the manufacturer of the motherboard.


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